About dscan.info

  • I don't want to reveal my character name at this point for one simple reason: dscan.info should not be stigmatized as a tool from alliance/coalition XYZ.

    I started playing EVE in 2011 and living in Nullsec since 2013. Yes, I am a member of a larger Nullsec alliance, but:
    dscan.info is a private project and is not (and never was) in any way related to the alliance I am member of, or any other political party.

    Nobody except myself has access to this server and the database containing the scans.
    I want to provide an independent tool for the whole playerbase, nobody should be concerned that the scans are abused or leaked to anyone.

    Because I was asked this a few times: There are currently no plans to publish the code of this site, sorry.

    Heart of dscan.info is its database of course with ~1.3m known characters. Characters are cached for ~6 days to keep the impact on CCPs servers low.
    This also means that characters that recently changed corp/alliance could be shown in the old corp/alliance.

    This is how the usage numbers look like:

    You have suggestions or feedback? Please drop me a line!

    You can include your email address if you want an direct answer!

    Contact email address: [email protected]

    Legal: EVE Online® and CCP® and all related logos and other elements are trademarks of CCP ehf.
  • 19. June 2024
    Updated Database to Equinox release
  • 07. March 2023
    Adding a HowTo
  • 01. August 2022
    Fixed an ESI call to update new/unknown characters.
  • 20. May 2022
    Updated usage graph
  • 01. Oct 2021
    Switched Hosting to a new server (NVMe \o/)
    Updated usage graph
  • 03. Feb 2021
    Updated the database structure to make future updates easier
    Edencom ships are finally recognized correctly
    Updated usage graph (M2-XFE was record breaking also here)
  • 28. May 2020
    Dark mode is now the default
    Added zKillboard-Links to Fleet Scans / Detailed character list
    Added About-Page
  • 12. Mar 2020
    Added a button to copy the generated link to the clipboard.
    At this point I also want to thank you for your feedback!
    Sorry that I cannot implement all your feature requests, but my main goal is to keep this site lightweight and fast.
    For this reason: No features that would require some form of login. Thx for your understanding.
  • 03. Mar 2020
    Added combined ship mass to fleet scans, Character list in local scans is now sortable
  • 09. Jan 2020
    Fixed a font color in dark mode
  • 25. Nov 2019
    Added a dark design
  • 06. Mar 2019
    Added ship mass
  • 04. Mar 2019
    Original poster can manually add Recon ships to the result (invisible on dscan)
  • 13. Feb 2019
    Added raw character list to local scans (as requested per feedback)
  • 25. Jan 2019
    Fixed a bug where some characters were assigned a wrong character ID
  • 07. Nov 2018
    Optimized ESI calls, optimized MySQL settings for more speeeeeed
  • 06. Nov 2018
    Added Fleetscans, improved system recognition
  • 05. Nov 2018
    Improved image loading / caching